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The New Twin Pines Manufacturing FlowMaster 4.5” Quint Fluid End

The NEW FlowMaster 4.5” Quint high efficiency flow-thru fluid end, developed by Twin Pines Manufacturing, is designed to last longer and outperform on flow and pressure, plus reduce power-end rod load.


Fluid end Repair and reconditioning

Twin Pines Manufacturing specializes in top-notch Fluid End repair and reconditioning, providing exceptional value to its customers, with a low cost alternative to replacement.  


Fluid end packing

Our “Extreme Generation II” Packing components are manufactured with precision craftsmanship and the highest quality materials; designed to provide high performance under the most extreme conditions.


Iron racking Systems

Twin Pines Manufacturing manufactures heavy duty Iron Racking Systems for transporting and storing the various components of your flowline.  



We manufacture many plunger lengths and name brands, as well as clamps to fit various types.


Seat Pullers

Twin Pines Manufacturing offers Seat Puller Kits made to service a variety of fluid end styles.


Stay Rods and Stay Rod Nuts

Twin Pines Manufacturing’s Stay Rods are manufactured out of top quality, high tensile strength material that exceeds the material specs of  standard stay rods.



Twin Pines offers a wide range of tooling for a variety of fluid end types.


Fluid End Tool Boxes

Twin Pines offers toolboxes containing all the tools needed to service your fluid ends, customizable to your specific needs.