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We’ve built a solid reputation as a trusted brand in the industry for quality parts and Fluid End repair.

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5779 Newport Road
Clarksburg, PA, 15725
United States
(724) 459-3850


Quality and teamwork are at the forefront of Twin Pines Manufacturing Corp., bringing customers the most durable and reliable products available. What started as a business that built rubber molding machines has now evolved to engulf the oil and gas well industry.

Today, we provide companies of all sizes with quality products, making them more readily available, and at a lower cost. Twin Pines Manufacturing has developed better tools for the oil and gas industry that have helped reduce operation down time. Along with tools, we provide so much more for the industry in the way of OEM replacement and custom parts. We maintain a large inventory of parts, making them easily accessible for you as needed.


As a reflection of our belief that customer care is essential to everything we do, our employees strive every day to provide our customers with the best products, with commitment to work at the highest level.


Twin Pines Manufacturing was founded in 1987 by Robert Kovalcik. Originally situated outside of Greensburg, Pennsylvania, TPM was rebuilding plastic and rubber molding machines. Kovalcik worked for this type of industry for several years while having his own business.

The company later moved to Ligonier, PA, but that still was too far away for Kovalcik, who had to make a 33-mile commute every day. In August 2001, Robert Kovalcik found a closer location with more space, suitable for repairing additional machines; some old barns just outside Lewisville on Newport Road in Clarksburg, PA.

In 2010, after two years of national recession and a surge in the oil and gas industry in the area, Twin Pines Manufacturing opened its doors to the energy industry. This was a pivotal move by Kovalcik toward improving the business.

In 2012, Twin Pines Manufacturing became an S-corporation. From that time through 2015 TPM expanded it’s number of machines and building capacity, drastically increasing production.

Twin Pines Manufacturing continues to increase building capacity, machining capability and workforce, migrating from what it was, to a prominent and reputable name in the oil and gas industry. What was once the dream of a young man from Latrobe, PA, has successfully grown into a reality.

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