With Twin Pines Manufacturing, you have the advantage of maintaining your hydrofracking operations, and keeping them running strong with our top notch equipment repairs and parts manufacturing operations.  We're your partner in business, supplying the parts and repairs you depend on.


machining and metalworking
oem & custom parts manufacturing

In addition to being a leading manufacturer of OEM Hydrofracking Equipment and Parts for the Oil & Gas industry, Twin Pines Manufacturing specializes in manufacturing custom parts from a state-of-the-art machining facility, located at its Clarksburg, Pennsylvania headquarters, providing you with quality custom parts for all your equipment and tooling needs.


hydrofracking Fluid End REPAIR AND RECONDITIONing

At a fraction of the cost of replacing your damaged Hydrofracking Fluid Ends, Twin Pines Manufacturing will repair and recondition them for you. By drastically extending the life of your Fluid Ends, saving you tens of thousands of dollars, Twin Pines Manufacturing delivers exceptional value.  That's the Twin Pines Manufacturing Advantage!