machining and metalworking



You can expect the same quality and commitment to our custom parts manufacturing that we bring to our OEM Oil & Gas Industry parts manufacturing. From milling, turning, grinding and boring, to welding and fabrication, we are equipped to handle any project from the smallest request to the seemingly unmanageable. Our capabilities extend to machining a variety of materials, including stainless and carbide steel, to aluminum.

Twin Pines Manufacturing began its life as a tool and die company over two decades ago, and that experience shines through to our machining operations. Each project receives our undivided attention and our customers benefit from our engineering and design services. The accumulation of our capabilities and experience makes us a top leader in machining services for Pennsylvania and across the surrounding areas. Twin Pines Manufacturing has become a well-known, well-trusted source for hydrofracking parts in an industry that demands safety, quality and fast turn-around times.

CNC Machining

Twin Pines Manufacturing’s machining facility supports a variety of applications and provides expert engineering consultations to ensure efficiency and precision in completing each project.

Our CNC machining operations range from small projects to large, handling projects of up to 40,000 pounds with table capacities of 157.48” (X), 90.55” (Y), 62.99” (Z), 27.56” (W). We work at both extremes, and handle all projects in between.

Twin Pines Manufacturing holds extensive experience in CNC machining, working with all types of materials. Whether a project requires precision milling of titanium, or massive modifications to large pieces of steel, we bring our expertise to every job we handle.

Our larger lathes can handle up to a 34 inch work piece, providing a great deal of flexibility when it comes to meeting all size requirements.

Surface Grinding

Twin Pines Manufacturing can handle a variety of surface grinding projects. We offer complete engineering and design for all of our grinding services, ensuring that you will always receive a product that matches the specifications for the job.

Our surface grinding services and capabilities include large grinding capacity of 24 x 80 inch surface grinding. In this capacity, we can handle stainless steel, carbide, or aluminum.


As with our machining, milling and grinding operations, Twin Pines Manufacturing can handle a variety of boring project sizes and offers complete engineering and design services for all of our customers’ horizontal boring needs. Our experience, capabilities and large boring mill capacity is highly regarded making us the best choice for all of your machining needs.

Our horizontal boring mill capacity includes state-of-the-art machines that allow us to handle a work piece or part up to 40,000 pounds and up to 157.48 X 90.55 inches by 60 inches table capacity.


In addition to machining, Twin Pines Manufacturing has equally capable welding and fabrication operations. Our welding capabilities include Stick, MIG and TIG processes, allowing complete flexibility when choosing the right process for the job. These processes, combined with knowledge of the proper techniques and material handling, ensure best product quality and strength. Our welding operations are utilized for the manufacturing of new products as well as to aid in repairs. Typical welding types are structural and pipe, with capabilities in bore welding.

Our fabrication operation completes our metalworking capabilities to allow for the manufacturing of almost any product configuration, meeting the requirements for any given product type.